A new Blog. And there will be flowers!

After months of keeping my PLOOMS fountain pen business and my love of flowers separate I have decided it was better to bring them all together in one blog.
After all I, like most women I know, are the sum of many parts.
In this blog I will be talking about my love of words 
(that need to be written in ink),
 life and of course, flowers. 
Please join me.
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Please forgive me for being a terrible blogger over the past months. 
I have been very busy working on a new project.
As a florist I really like to write the card that we send with flowers in ink. However when it came to finding a fountain pen that was snug and weighty in my hand, and that was also a gorgeous colour, I drew a blank. So I set about creating my own range of PLOOMS fountain pens. 
To find out more about PLOOMS and to read my new blog which as 'PLOOMS news' will be a mixture of stories about words written in ink and flowers click below

Saturday in Mere

 On a Saturday morning I have taken to getting up earlyish and heading to Sprout & Flower in Mere
 I was always a sucker for the flowers, but have now become addicted to shopping from their display of fresh croissant and bread.
 I cannot think of a better way to start the weekend.
 I have also discovered that Sarah, who runs the shop, buys the best nectarines and locally grown salad.
 And of course everyone needs flowers!
 This time I went for the tall pale-blue scabious, and as I type this they are sitting happily in my hall.
 And if anyone tells you I smile and talk to them every time I go passed, they are exaggerating.
Not every time.

Returning to Pythouse Garden

There is nowhere I would rather be on a sunny afternoon than in Pythouse Walled Garden
The Potting Shed has recently undergone a refurbishment and so the garden has been closed for a few months.
It is good to be back
 I'm not the only one to think so.
Mitch and his team have spend the winter working on the garden and it looks fantastic.
And inside the new Potting Shed looks glorious.

Day 111: April 21st

I love you mum 

to the moon and back x

Day 110: April 20th

I am sorry I ate the sofa - Rufus

Day 109: April 19th

Thank you for taking me to the vet 

Day 108: April 18th

Thank god it's Friday! See you later 

Day 107: April 17th

Happy Thursday

 (almost Friday)

Day 106: April 16th

Happy Wednesday

Day 105: April 15th

You are the fairest

Day 104: April 14th

To the Master of the Revels, 

simply a legend

Day 103: April 13th

You walked beside me through the roses and the rain. 

Goodbye Dad x

Day 102: April 12th

Everytime we say goodbye

Day 101: April 11th

Have fun in heaven x

Day 100: April 10th

Thank you Mam for the great journey of life

 - I will make you proud x

Day 99: April 9th

You are dearly missed, our Nana, Great Nana 

and 'old, old Nana'.

Day 98: April 8th

Thank you for the food, the wine, the company and the laughter


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