Day 111: April 21st

I love you mum 

to the moon and back x

Day 110: April 20th

I am sorry I ate the sofa - Rufus

Day 109: April 19th

Thank you for taking me to the vet 

Day 108: April 18th

Thank god it's Friday! See you later 

Day 107: April 17th

Happy Thursday

 (almost Friday)

Day 106: April 16th

Happy Wednesday

Day 105: April 15th

You are the fairest

Day 104: April 14th

To the Master of the Revels, 

simply a legend

Day 103: April 13th

You walked beside me through the roses and the rain. 

Goodbye Dad x

Day 102: April 12th

Everytime we say goodbye

Day 101: April 11th

Have fun in heaven x

Day 100: April 10th

Thank you Mam for the great journey of life

 - I will make you proud x

Day 99: April 9th

You are dearly missed, our Nana, Great Nana 

and 'old, old Nana'.

Day 98: April 8th

Thank you for the food, the wine, the company and the laughter

Day 97: April 7th

Love life and deckchairs

 (and no, I have no idea what that means either!)

Day 96: April 6th

We heard you were feeling blue x

Day 95: April 5th

Keep smiling!

Day 94: April 4th

Don't let the boring, blind, brainless, bureaucratic 

bastards grind you down. 

Love you x

Day 92: April 2nd

To DOCTOR Green. 

We are so proud x

Day 91: April 1st

Ain't over 'til the fat lady sings. 

And this lady hasn't even started humming. 

Hang on in there. Love your fat friend xx

Day 90: March 31st

The intern may have to iron the clothes, 

clean the cupboard and collect the dry cleaning. 

But she gets the flowers.  Love Mum x

Day 89: March 30th

Some roses for baby Rose

Day 88: March 29th

As you cannot get outside, 

the flowers are coming in to see you

Day 87: March 28th

Happy 50th 

Keep Calm 



Day 86: March 27th

I didn't mean it

Day 85: March 26th

Should have listened! 

Should have done what you said x


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