Day 59: February 28th

To baby Abbie, the flowers in my garden didn't believe me when I told them how beautiful you are, so I am sending you some flowers so they can see for themselves.

Day 58: February 27th

I would climb mountains and slay dragons

Day 56: February 25th

To Il Capitano, from your loving husband 

and all our delightfully behaved children

Day 55: February 24th

Just remember, he ate garlic and hated ABBA

Day 52: February 21st

Big 50, Wow! You're still secret, still admirer

Day 51: February 20th

I may be 11,000 miles away and 25 years too late, 

but you still make me smile

Day 48: February 17th

To the Queen of beekeeping, from the Big Beast

Day 46: February 15th

I do like a flower that looks like a pudding

Day 44: February 13th

Well done Smelly! I knew you could do it

Day 43: February 12th

I know we don't always see eye to eye, but I do love you

Day 42: February 11th

Dear Granny, please don't go up any more ladders

Day 41: February 10th

Counting the 27 days until I am in your arms

Day 37: February 6th

I'd say break a leg, but they are such lovely legs

February 5th

Just love your rigging, the cut of your jib

 Your curving sails and jaunty rib. 

Come shiver my timbers, pipe me aboard 

Let's go below and discover your hoard!

February 3rd

Thank you for the loan of the cottage, you saved my life

February 2nd

If I had a flower for every time I thought of you 

I would walk forever in my garden


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