Good enough to Eat

When I am feeling low I turn to flowers.
When my daughter Libby feels blue, she bakes.
And with a cake this cheerful, how could you not smile?
It has got me in the mood for a bit of Jubilee baking - but in this case with ingredients of hydrangeas, roses and allium.
I took these photos some years ago on the Jane Packer stand at Hampton Court Flower Show. A lady who is sadly missed by fellow flower lovers.
With the sun blooming at Chelsea, the Jubilee just around the corner and Libby baking in the kitchen, I thought it was time to bring these photos out again.
It seems many florists are inspired by cake - these from Rachel Lilley, who used to have a beautiful flower shop in Bath.
And here a cake of flowers, inspired by Jessie, The Poundbury Florists.
Have a happy Jubilee.

Cold enough for Christmas

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, 
And the fire is so delightful ...
Last year Christmas was cancelled. My eldest daughter was in Australia and we decided it just would not be the same without her.
Her sister Libby wrote; "My mother gave Christmas its ultimatum in an email 'Christmas isn't Christmas without the four of us, so it has been postponed until further notice' "
"When December arrived and the lights went up I was almost surprised. Didn't anyone get the memo? Christmas is off this year. As I sidestepped my way between Christmas shoppers and battled a tied of yellow Selfridges bags on Oxford Street, I felt like a fish drowning in a sky."
So this is why, when the radio weatherman declares "This bank holiday is going to be colder than Christmas" I am probably the only person thinking 'Great!'
We have the tree, we have the Christmas cards,
we have the holly and ivy
and lights and crackers and stockings.
The fire and lanterns are lit, the turkey is in the oven and Michael Buble is crooning around the kitchen.
We even have slight hangovers from a Christmas Eve drinks party.
But most important of all, we have the four of us around the table.
It turns out Christmas wasn't cancelled, just postponed.


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