Colouring in with Flowers

I know when ever I pop into Ted Martin Flowers I am going to be met with banks of colour and combinations of subtle shades that make me smile with pleasure. Today is no exception. I call in to drop off some more books for Ted and find her busy matching roses to a vintage wedding dress.
There are layers of pale lilac campanula set off by bold delpinium and strikingly white phlox.
And rows of ribbons and roses that make my heart glad.
Some people lose themselves in book shops, wine shops, cake shops, or even fishing tackle shops. For me nothing compares to a good flower shop.
Even the green pastel watering can has a chocolate gingham bow.

Tulips from Kilalloe

Tulips are my favourite flower.
Or that is what I think when the season changes, the tulips march into view and I am bowled over by their plump brightness. Later on the peonies arrive and I feel myself swayed, this time by those delicate petals that look like layer upon layer of tissue.
But for now it is the time of the tulip.
Tulips from Amsterdam?
No, this weekend I am in Ireland and I am mesmerised by the tulips from Killaloe.
To be honest, I am just mesmerised by Killaloe - and I would recommend anyone visiting Limerick to drive up there - whether the tulips are marching through or not.
Billy and I are in Ireland for the weekend and we head up to Killaloe to see a cottage that his parents used to own. There are the green rolling hills of Ireland, the lake that runs past Killaloe, the pastel painted cottage AND the creamy Guinness. And people wonder why I married an Irishman?
To all of this add the sunshine and multicoloured tulips.
You would say that I have the luck of the Irish.

"It's an Anniversary Thing"

It may not be the most romantic thing a man can say in a flower shop but at least we get the drift - and as my children say, 'you can stop snowing'. There are flowers to meet every occasion but it helps us so much when people tell us something of the person or the story behind why they are sending flowers. Then a florist can get to work; whether it is a teacup of flowers to cheer a granny who has had a fall ...
or some softly fragrant lily of the valley for a friend whose Dad has just died.
"My daughter has just got her MA in veterinary physiotherapy" - not a phrase you hear every day!
Spending an afternoon with Kate at Rustic Rose is like sitting in a window watching the life of the town pass by.
Flowers for birthdays and apologies and thank yous and how are yous.
And of course, flowers for an anniversary sort of thing.


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