Day 84: March 25th

It takes both sunshine and rain to make a rainbow 

Get well soon Mum x

Day 83: March 24th

Thank you for helping turning me into Cinderella. 

You are definitely not an ugly sister!

Day 82: March 23rd

A thousand thank yous for helping with the chaos

Day 81: March 22nd

Some big ass flowers to cheer you!

Day 80: March 21st

For lovely Donna.

You see sometimes nice things do happen

Day 79: March 20th

OOps! All my love

 (and let's hope that is not the message sent after the budget today)

Day 78: March 19th

You may be losing your hair but

 you will never lose your sparkle xx

Day 77: March 18th

If any one can crack this, you can

Day 75: March 16th

To Beautiful ... lucky me. 

Love from Ugly

Day 74: March 15th

To that rare person who understands silence

Day 73: March 14th

Grow old along with me.

 The best is yet to be.

Day 67: March 8th

Thank you for lending me your husband!

Day 66: March 7th

Thank you for not posting my letter

Day 64: March 5th

Thank you for looking after the boys 

and the bloody hamster

Day 63: March 4th

Thank you for everything. Words are not enough.

Day 62: March 3rd

Mum, for keeping secrets, your promise and your temper

Day 60: March 1st

Good luck, have fun, but come back soon 

or the frog gets it!


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