The Self Employed Ladies Christmas Lunch

Anyone who works for themselves will know how lonely it feels at Christmas when friends are heading off to their office Christmas parties and you sit around feeling like Norman No Mates. So this year my friend Hilary decided to do something about it and organise a Christmas lunch for those of us who are self employed.
So six ladies head for lunch at the White Lion in Bourton - a real mix of professions; there is Hilary who works in HR, Lucy who sells clothes and also works in TV production, Denise who is a cleaner, Sarah who is a sculptor and me.
As I had been demonstrating Christmas arrangements at Kew the night before I have some spare flowers, so put together a tiny bucket of flowers for each of my friends. I place each of the small buckets in a glass bowl so I can carry them to the lunch - then decide if I pop a candle in the middle I will have a table centre for our table too!


  1. What a lovely idea Sally. Whilst we don't do anything special at Dairy House, one of my colleagues and I have an 'office lunch' with our husbands.

    Have a super Christmas and hope to see you in the new year.


  2. What a fabulous idea, I must admit that after 15 years of "office Christmas lunchs" I do not miss them in the slighest.

    Leeann x

  3. Thank you for your comments, I hope you have a happy Christmas
    Sally x



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