Amazing in the Autumn

Town and County Flowers on Wandsworth Bridge Road in London is celebrating autumn in style.
I often used to drive past this shop when I had my own flower shop, The Lemon Tree, in Battersea many, many years ago.
It is good to see that they are keeping up the tradition (which I remember well) of having glorious displays of colour in and outside the shop.
How can you not feel cheered by the splashes of tangarine orange and lipstick pinks?
I call in to say hello and find that the shop is still run by the same people who owned it when I used to live around here. As I chat with florist Georgina and ask after owner, Elaine, we discover we have florists friends in common. Not surprising, perhaps, but nice none the less.
I know only too well that running a successful flower shop for twenty years is no mean achievement - and I take my hat off to them.
And of course if you live in South London and you need flowers, these are the ladies to go to. Believe me, there is nothing they will not have come across in twenty years!


  1. Those are great looking flowers! I usually get my shop flowers online and I'm quite satisfied with the company, but I must say those do look great.

  2. Some of the arrangements you have pictured here look similar to the ones I ordered from CanadaWideFlowers.ca a few weeks ago. It seems great minds think alike!

  3. i'm in love with the flowers that i've seen in your blog!



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