The Travels of a Wedding Bouquet

With our wedding taking place in Durham, we had a long drive ahead. So it seemed like a good idea to break up the journey by calling into some of the florist friends I have made around the country on our road north. I particularly liked the idea of a wedding bouquet made up of a mixture of their flowers.
First stop Kate's new shop, Rustic Rose in Sturminster Newton.
Here I gathered hydrangeas, red spray roses, velvety black bacarra roses and plum ranunculus.
The journey would not have been complete without calling into Ted Martin Flowers in Tisbury.
Here I spotted some pale peach roses splashed with deeper pink.
These were added to the buckets in the car.
By the time we got to Miss Pickering's glorious floral emporium in Stamford we badly needed a break, so we whisked her off for a gin and tonic in the local pub.
As usual her shop was looking wonderful and she was full of news of her forthcoming book - which if her blog is anything to go by will be (like Miss Pickering herself) just fabulous!
From Miss Pickering I collected rosemary and myrtle, as well as Grand Prix and Memory Lane roses. The latter being particularly appropriate as Billy Kelly and I got together 10 years ago in Durham, so this really was a journey down memory lane.
A few hours later, the girls were collected from the station and we were happily ensconced in my best friend Pip's house having a noisy family supper.
As we chatted on, I started to make my wedding flowers.
I know it is not the norm to make your own bouquet with your husband to be by your side, but I thoroughly recommend it.
What is certainly not the norm is to see Billy Kelly with a cup of tea in his hand rather than a glass of red wine!
Now this is more like it - the next morning and bucksfizz.
I have always wanted to be Doris Day!
I loved my flowers so. They were a delicious mix of the blooms I had encountered the previous day and they made me smile every time I looked at them.
And I did not stop smiling. I had my girls by my side and my Irishman had married me.
Into the girls' flowers I added some tulips that had been delivered to me by my friend Julie from the Tynemouth flower group. She had arrived the previous afternoon bearing gifts and cards and I thought it would be rather special to have some of her flowers in the bouquets too. So thank you Julie.


  1. Beautiful and what lovely memories. Thanks for sharing. ♥♫

  2. Congratulations to you and Billy, what a great way to start the new year and what a gorgeous bouquet.. Stunning :-) thank you for sharing

  3. I love this story. It reminds me of the time I traveled to northern Idaho for Thanksgiving with family. Even though it was below freezing, I stopped along the roadside in all three states I traveled through and gathered bits and pieces. I made a great bouquet of greens, grasses, berries, etc. gathered from Oregon, Washington and Idaho roadsides.

  4. Hi Sally,
    Many congratulations to you both. Looks like a wonderful day. Your wedding bouquet is beautiful and your dress very Doris Day! Love the red!
    Warm regards,
    Ingrid x

  5. Congratulations to you both, I think it is lovely that you put your own bouquet together and what's nicer are the momories you have of the flowers that made it up and the journey you made for them :). Best wishes to you both xx

  6. What a wonderful way to put together your wedding bouquet (and a stunning result too!) You've inspired me to do the same when my time comes. You looked the epitome of Doris Day and I hope the day was everything you dreamed of.

  7. Such beautiful flowers and a great way to create them. Many congratulations to you both.
    Best wishes Kim.

  8. congratulations to you both. Irish men are the best! love the photographs of the bouquets.

  9. Congratulations. Your bouquet is beautiful, I too created my own bouquet, such a lovely personal touch to a special day.

  10. Congratulations ! All was perfect (bouquet, dresses, ... ) but the nicest thing was your smile.

  11. I met you fleetingly on your trip to Ashbourne a couple of years ago, and have followed your blog since. I think this is my favourite of all your entries and I love the final flowers, so so pretty. Congratulations. Nadia

  12. Many congratulations to the enigmatic Billy and his lovely wife Sally. Fabulous news and looked as though you had a sublime wedding. What a wonderful beginning to your new decade together

  13. Very proud daughters - and if we look that fabulous when we're older we will be very happy xx



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