A Bird in the Hand

As I approach Kate's shop I am greeted with; "No! Not in here!" It takes me a while to realise she is not talking to me but a visiting pigeon.
It doesn't take Kate long to capture her unwelcome guest. That's a farmer's daughter for you.
I am running a workshop in the room above Kate's shop, but first I have to have a good look around to see what she has in that is new.
I always know I am going to get a revitalizing blast of colour when I come to visit Rustic Rose, and today is no exception.
Kate is clearly getting ready for the wedding season and in the window, tiered on vintage teacups, is a cake made by Kate's aunt.
Outside there are pots of sunflowers and daisies
and bundles of glorious lupins.
Today we are going to be using pastel coloured campanula, roses and hypericum to make a wreath of flowers around a hurricane lamp.
It seems all my flower workshop ladies are keen gardeners and as we work we swap stories of different foliage and flowers that can be used in arrangements at different times of year.
All of us are fascinated to hear about one lady's plans to move to Australia later this summer - it seems she already has her eye on a flower shop she would like to buy.
It makes my plans for the summer seem rather tame!


  1. Hi love your blog! flowers are definately my weakness! jennyx

  2. Dear Sally, Shall look forward to hearing about the new book and look forward to having it on my shelf with your other books, Best of luck, Jenny



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