Get the Party Started

The marquee is up and there is certainly plenty of bunting!
We are having a party to celebrate my daughter Alex and my birthday. We have a wonderful garden to have it in, thanks to friend's Martyn & Gay and a great tent, thanks to friend, Gill.
I must have done something good in a previous life (!) as the sun is really shining.
The good thing about being a florist is that you are never short of vases, lanterns. hurricane lamps and baskets. For each table I fill a huge basket with picnic food ...well all the food I like to eat on a picnic!
I did think (for one brief minute) of the extravagant things I could do with the flowers, before I thought, I would just like to keep it simple - so all around the marquee were jugs, vases and flowerpots filled with deeply scented stock.
My daughter Libby and her french friend Juliette spent the day baking dozens and dozens of cupcakes.
I ended up taking very few photos as I was having such a good time - or crying when my daughters made a speech! But I will never forget the evening and especially seeing Alex so happy with all her newly graduated uni friends.

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