The Ghostly Garden

I am on my way to Pythouse walled garden and decide to call in at Sprout & Flower to see my friend Sarah and to buy some pumpkins.
Sarah - who I have always secretly thought was a white witch - has her broom parked outside the shop in between the pumpkins and the crate of heather.
She tells me business is good. And whilst I am there the shop is buzzing with customers looking for fruit and veg and fresh bread.
At Pythouse garden they are busy getting ready for a Halloween party.
Most of the pumpkins have now been decorated or Matt the chef has got his hands on them for a big batch of pumpkin soup.
There may not be many pumpkins left to buy but there are splashes of autumnal orange all around the garden.
And in the potting shed there are loops of Halloween streamers,
and ghoulish ghostly faces.
Perhaps my favourite though are the Halloween cup-cakes.
Not to be outdone we head home with our pumpkins,
although I have to admit I think 8 year old Elena, who is staying with us, makes a better job of it than I could have done!


  1. Oh that looks like my kind of shop! Happy Halloween! Love Linda x

  2. Great Autumn pictures! Looks like a great shop to visit!

  3. I've never know about this topic. It’s really interesting to read.. I like this blog to know about new things. Thanks for this.



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