Christmas at Ted's

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a few visits to Ted Martin Flowers - now with a new website so check it out - www.tedmartinflowers.co.uk
As we arrive Clare and Ted are loading up the van with holly and pine as Ted is off to decorate Santa's sleigh! He is visiting Tisbury this evening, along with many market stalls that are being set up for some late night Christmas shopping.
We have decided this year, rather than face the crush of Christmas shopping in Bath we are going to do all our shopping locally.
The funny thing is people would pay a lot of money for a weekend away to this part of the country with a bit of Christmas browsing thrown in and yet each year I seem to feel I need to rush off to a big town or city. Mad.
Oh and what a good present! To be honest there aren't many friends I would give one of my calendars to - I would feel a bit awkward that they might not really want one - but I know my Mum will definitely be keen to have one!
It is lovely to be back looking at Ted's dresser stacked with a mass of china. I spent a number of years working here (and dusting it) and I really miss it.
As always, there are beautiful ready to go posies ...
... and pottery jugs filled with flowers.
Plus Christmas decorations and a good supply of Flower Shop books!
A friend of mine got married at this time of year and her mother always gives her a new Christmas decoration for their tree as an anniversary present.
It is a bit of a flying visit but it certainly gets me into the Christmas spirit perfectly.


  1. I spy some blue calico on the dresser! I remember carrying some home to Colorado when we went on a Young Farmer's tour...BEFORE all the airline rules and regulations!♥♫

  2. Beautiful shop, beautiful images...... gorgeous shops are what I miss most from the UK! Expat in RSA!!

  3. Sally, lovely posting as ever. I do agree with you about doing one's shopping on our local high street. Petworth is looking lovely as ever. Do come visit us soon - we have opened another shop! Love to you all. The Spriggs's

  4. This is a better-quality article as they all are. I make fun of been wonder wide this an eye to some beat now. It’s great to receive this info. You are fair and balanced.

  5. Hallo Sally! I write from Italy...for christmas I have bought your book the flower shop...i red it last night and i was very happy about it...it's fantastic and photos are beautiful!!! I don't work in a flower shop (but in a bank) but I have a great desire in my heart!! Thanks! Elisa



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