Happy Flowers, Happy Florists

A window full of gerbera filled milk bottles is enough to make anyone smile.
Kate, at Rustic Rose, tells me they have had more people into the shop because of this window, than with any other window display they have done.
It is also a very appropriate window for Kate as her family are dairy farmers.
It seems people come in asking to buy the flowers and the milk bottles!
Well, it certainly made me stop and smile.
And it is not only the customers who are smiling.
Spring is one of the best times in a flower shop. Fragrant old favourites arrive and there is always a splash of unexpected colour.
The bulbs are coming up ....
and there are no end of flower combinations to choose from for posies and bouquets.
Or you could go for one single flower - like this bucket of creamy white anemones.
With all that on offer, how can you resist smiling too?


  1. Oh that's just gorgeous . . . I lurrrve the milk bottles. I really enjoy your blog, it is always so beautiful,
    Love Helen x

  2. Wao Those are looks very beautiful.

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