A Weekend of Flowers

This is what I call fate - I bring the flowers for my friend Liz and it turns out she has the perfect pottery jug to match the roses.
She also has the most beautiful climbing rose outside of her house, that sparkles in a brief bit of summer sunshine. The rose is called New Dawn and I am already trying to imagine where I could grow it.
Liz is an interior designer and chef (great friend to have!) and over wine and food we scheme on an idea for a new book. We still think it is a good idea when we are sober the next morning - so who knows!
Liz has a fabulous garden ...
and she has brought some of it inside for our bedroom.
We spend Saturday wandering around Saffron Walden market,
- well worth a visit if you are in the area.
Liz tells me she sometimes spots Jamie Oliver shopping at the market stalls. I'm kind of glad we don't bump into him as my daughter Libby has a short film that has been shortlisted for an award - the prize being work experience in his TV company. She is ecstatic at the prospect and I don't know if I could hold off from telling him! 
I of course spot the flowers, plus (I am very pleased to say) the perfect floral dress and shoes. I have no idea when I will wear them but it was love at first sight.
So all in all, a great weekend of flowers.


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  2. Oh what a friend to have! Love the dress and shoes.Lovely post as always.Lesley

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  4. Awesome!

    New Delhi also has this huge wholesale floral market and a trip there is always soothing. These places somehow make you forget all your worries and roam around with a grin on the face.

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  6. I love how you capture those flowers' colors! I have actually seen an arraignment just like the one in the first picture. I was visiting my mom a few weeks ago and she had some flowers there. She told me that they were dropped off my a flower delivery company anonymously. Flowers can heal the soul!

  7. that looks great! love the flowers. i would say looks so natural to see and beautiful.

  8. Fresh Flowers are so heartening to look at. Loved all your pictures and hope this kind of fresh flower market also sets in india.

  9. Fresh Flowers are always heartening to look at. I just wonder how would it feel to rome in such a market full of fresh & exotic flowers. I hope this kind of market also sets in india.

  10. The colours are lovely!! Flowers are so pretty!

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