Paper Roses

 It is on a trip to Bath at the weekend that I discover the delights of a new shop, Meticulous Ink. When I say 'new' I did the typical thing of asking how it was all going to be told they had been open for two years!
 This is along the lines of the 'overnight success'. My husband knew the man who invented 'Riverdance', he was one of these overnight successes when he filled the section in-between songs on Eurovision and became ....well... an overnight success. That is apart from the fact he had worked for RTE for many, many years, sitting there endlessly playing intros for guest after guest.
 Meticulous Ink is down the road from the flower stall Anemone (always worth a look) and specialises in 'proper' printing.
 Complete with the firm indentation you can only get from a letter press.
 As I look around I find they have a strong floral theme
 and I find I can't quite decide what to buy.
In the end I choose just one small pack of cards,
 because in the street outside I have also spotted my new car and I have a feeling that it might cost me more than the price of a bag full of heavenly stationery.
 Well, a girl can dream can't she?


  1. A lovely shop Sally. I am going to see if they have a website.

  2. What a nice stuff. Wanna the florist like the Florist in Brooklyn. Great Post.

  3. This looks absolutely stunning! I am going to make a bunch of these for my mum on Mothers' Day. :)

  4. The pep roses given here are excellent. Useful information

  5. Hi Sally, your shop is really very beautiful. Being a first visitor its a good experience to read your blog. Your florist shop looks nicely decorated and the flowers looks fresh. And I must say, your car is too cool. Keep sharing your blog.

  6. Great collection of flowers.i m so happy to see that kind of collection.....




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