Returning to Pythouse Garden

There is nowhere I would rather be on a sunny afternoon than in Pythouse Walled Garden
The Potting Shed has recently undergone a refurbishment and so the garden has been closed for a few months.
It is good to be back
 I'm not the only one to think so.
Mitch and his team have spend the winter working on the garden and it looks fantastic.
And inside the new Potting Shed looks glorious.


  1. Beautiful pictures shows the love to nature - a true blessing that we enjoy free of cost. In Dubai unfortunately we do not have these natural but we have many facilities artificially created. It is ok, better than having nothing. let us enjoy what we have.

  2. Feeling so fresh by seeing such a wonderful post on natural beauty with flowers and bouquets!!!

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  10. Yeah, really fantastic garden indeed. I would also love to stay there if possible =)

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