Sprout & Flower

I have known Sarah, the owner of Sprout & Flower in Mere, Wiltshire 
since my days working at Ted Martin Flowers in Tisbury. 
Sarah was Ted's manager there for many years, before deciding to go it alone and try running her own shop. She and her husband Bob were in the process of thinking of moving (their two sons were getting too tall for their cottage's ceilings!) when the old fruit and veg shop in Mere came on the market.
The shop hadn't been renovated or decorated for many years but the position was perfect. After a huge amount of work they moved in - also taking the accommodation above the shop (with tall ceilings!).
Now Sarah combines fruit and veg with gorgeous flowers and bread at the weekends. And if you're lucky you can often find cake for sale by the till.
It is beautiful shop and always a joy to visit. When I called in last week I found Sarah busy with posies for Proms and  bouquets for a Golden Wedding.
This rose always makes me smile; Miss Piggy
Recently Sarah has taken on Josie to help with the fruit and veg.
I think it is fair to say, from this photo, that Josie has a way with flowers too ...
 ... although I think radish earrings could look pretty good too ...
 Sarah delivers flowers all around the UK ad you can find her at Sproutandflower.co.uk and she is well worth following on instagram @sproutandflower


  1. Absolutely beautiful arrangement (they sent me a picture before it was delivered which was so exciting!) The Same Day Delivery Flowers they did for me contained mint. Everything is considered, even the smell of the overall bouquet.

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