Just Back from Chelsea

When friends call and say they have a spare ticket to Chelsea the only thing to do is to drop everything and say 'yes please' - particularly when they tell you they have pink Champagne for the train!
I think I love the small gardens best. There is such a sense of passion about them, whether it is the mass of blues, whites and reds of this Entente Cordiale garden, (designed by French and English friends) or the intensely planted Cook's Garden, complete with hanging cullender's of strawberries.

I have just finished photographing a book about gardens, which was a real joy for me as I spent a year exploring other people's gardens. One of these belonged to Sarah Coward, a sculptor, and I was reminded of it when I saw the Potter's Garden with it's fat alliums and lines of clay pots.

And of course, having written about David Austin roses I had to go and visit their stand in the marquee where they had replicated one of the water gardens from their rose garden at Albrighton.

On my way around I called in to see Bradley who was selling leather goods from his family tannery in Shropshire. Bradley had lent my daughter Libby some wonderful pink leather gardening gloves and hats for her recent book; Love Pink. So I wanted to drop off a signed book to say thank you. Thank you Bradley!


  1. I loved the rose garden too. And the smell!

  2. Hello Sally,
    How lovely for you to have visited Chelsea...I would love to go one day. I think I too would prefer the small gardens, especially those with informal country styling, rather than modern. I like gardens to work WITH nature, not against.

    Bradley's stand looks too intriguing!! How I would love to go shopping there!

  3. Hi Sally, Amazing what a small world it is - to see you at Waterloo after you had been to Chelsea and I was going the following day! As you say it was a great show - fantastic weather, and lovely lovely to be there. See you soon, Love Jenny

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