A Workshop in Middlesex

I often get asked to do flower demonstrations, but one of my favourite ways of catching up with other flower lovers is to conduct a workshop in their homes. Then everyone gets to play with the flowers!

Chiaki and her friends live in Middlesex but originally come from Japan, Malaysia and Austria - however they are all fans of English flowers. Chiaki first came across my books in Selfridges and she and I have been emailing each other ever since.

I could not have been made more welcome - especially as her friends all brought beautiful cakes with them. When I finally loaded my car up at the end of the day Chiaki sent me off with a bag of cakes in return for a promise to come back and run a Christmas workshop!

All the ladies created hand-tied posies and made arrangements and gifts using the flowers I had brought with me from Ted's shop. I think the favourite was the teacup filled with a blue and white posy.

I wanted to show how many different styles you can achieve by combining different colours with white.


  1. Congratulations! I've enjoied your books and as soon as possible I'll buy your last (but not least..) creation (in this moment is impossible for technical-internet-reason). Congratulations for your blog too: I love flowers and gardens, their colors, forms, scent and I think is one of the most relaxing and satisfactory hobby. To the next

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