A Very Irish Affair

Today I decided to create a second blog. 
You can read about it on your right. 

At first I was reluctant to publish this correspondence as it is so personal. However, it was written nearly eight years ago, and time has moved on and the feelings recorded at a sad time in my life, have mellowed. Most of all, I felt that the emails that Billy Kelly wrote to me were so gloriously ridiculous, that others who share this madly Irish sense of humour, would also enjoy his writing. Added to which it would be a shocking crime to keep the Bishop and Mrs Reilly under the bed any longer!

I shall let the correspondence develop as it unfolded for us - adding one or two emails a day, as I can. They need little explanation, apart from to say that Billy Kelly is known to some of his friends as The Colonel. There is a long story to this involving the Governor of Kentucky, Mint Juleps and, of course, Guinness.

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