Mr McGregor's Garden

As I am writing this, the rain is lashing down outside, I have the lamps turned on in my office and I have all the pleasure of sitting somewhere warm and dry recalling a very special summer's day. It wasn't that the weather had been particularly fine when I visited Rosemoor garden in Devon with my best friend Pip, but it was one of those glorious, stolen days where the conversation can wander at will for hours, uninterrupted, and no one is watching the clock.
In a vegetable garden that is blooming after hours of hard work from inspired green-fingers, Pip and I find 'Mr McGregors Garden' - complete with sign to keep curious rabbits away. 
"Then old Mrs Rabbit took a basket and her umbrella, and went through the wood to the bakers. She bought a loaf of brown bread and five currant buns."
Whilst, Pip and I took our umbrella and went through the rose garden to the tea shop. We bought tea with scones and strawberry jam and clotted cream.
The roses are the colours of stawberries and cherries and  they remind me of the rich red of the dahlias that I spotted outside Ted's shop earlier in the week.

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