Lost in Lilac

Sometimes, a certain colour catches your eye, and it seems from then on, for a time, everywhere you turn you are drawn to that particular shade. 
My imagination is caught by the sight of great sweeps of delphiniums, emerging like a peacock tail from a dark-purple ceramic pot in Ted Martin's shop.
I don't know whether it is the impression left by the delphiniums, but I start to smile when I see pale lilac campanula and scabious added to bouquets and posies.
And it seems the bees agree with me. Large clumps of chives, in this Devon garden, are humming with appreciative visitors. 


  1. Dear Sally, Even though it is such a wet 1st of August, your blog made me smile - keep up the good work, Love Jenny G

  2. Great posting, Sally. The mix of pics and words brings the place alive. Makes the north seem possible. Attractive even. If I can get Daisy out of Paddington for a while, maybe we’ll go there :)

    PS the first couple of photos make it look like France, the rest are very English...



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