Growing Ducks in Cambridge

It is good to see that in the right conditions, with careful feeding, keen Cambridge gardeners are successfully growing ducks in amongst their flowers.

Walking around Cambridge with my daughter Alex, who is studying here, we come across the garden to Clare College. Many, many years ago I applied for this college - without, I have to say, the slightest chance of getting in. After my interview I can imagine the professor reaching for his phone and telling his wife, "you will never guess what they sent me this time!"
The Fellows' garden at Clare College is guarded by an intricate wrought iron gate, in the gate a circle of glass enlarges your view of the herbaceous borders beyond.
After supper, Alex and I stay chatting by the water's edge, duck watching. She tells me her friend Sarah, who is studying History of Art, always says that when you are in Cambridge you should look up at the buildings as the architecture holds so many surprises.
I find she is right.

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