Buxton Festival

Those who know my Flower Shops & friends book will be familiar with The Green Pavilion in Buxton, as they feature as the flower shop for the month of September. Now, with the Buxton Festival in full swing I am back up to see Claire as we had been asked to talk about Flower Shops & Friends as part of the festival's literary program.
On the blackboard at the back of the shop Claire advertises her seasonal bouquets. Last time I was here they had a cocktail theme going on the blackboard with Cosmopolitan bouquets and Rose Daquaris, whilst the girls in the shop were busy discussing the famous couples they would feature for their Valentine bouquets.  They had got as far as the ritzy Angelina and Brad bouquet and the more sophisticated and classic, Charles and Camilla bouquet.
On a table, ready for our talk, is a bowl of fat black cherries (stolen from Claire's Green Pavilion Cafe next door) topped with a dome of cerise carnations and black butterflies.
Before we head off to the the Devonshire Dome for our talk we load Claire's van with wedding flowers which have to be delivered first. I particularly like the hearts of lisianthus, freesias and roses that are to be carried by the bridesmaids. 
And at the end of day, we must have done something right as we have been asked back for next year's festival!

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