Mad as a Hatter

I had it all planned, I would go to the Hampton Court Flower Show and photograph my favourite stand there. The thing is once I saw it I knew there was only one place for the photographs and that is on my daughter Libby's blog www.lovepinklibbypage.blogspot.com so you will have to look at them there. But they did make me think of hats - so you can have some photos of those instead!
These lovely hats were made by a very talented lady called Rebecca Norden who lives near Salisbury. She very kindly lent them to my daughter Libby for a fashion show that she and her friends were organising to raise money for charity.

It was especially kind of Rebecca to help as she was just about to have a baby, and in fact her baby was born in between Libby borrowing the hats and returning them. So thank you Rebecca.

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