Wimbledon Blue

In the Wild Paeony in Shaftesbury there is a table full of what I think of as Wimbledon flowers - a mass of purples and blues amidst dark green foliage. The girls tell me they ran a flower workshop earlier in the week and show me one of the bouquets that they demonstrated, using similar colours; an enticing mix of scabious, roses, allium, phlox, alstromeria and snapdragons.
Broken heads of campanula and cornflowers are placed under a bell-shaped glass cover, which as I am writing this I am kicking myself for not buying! I love it when you come across containers that look good but do not need masses of flowers in them.
Another great idea is their display of fabulous purple hydrangeas. They have filled the bottom of the glass vase with twists and turns of tree ivy which are quite happy submerged in the water.

I know these are not Wimbledon colours, but I cannot resist taking a photograph of their locally grown sweet peas next to my old straw bag. Of course, what I would really like to do is fill my bag with them just
before I leave the shop!

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