Popping into Ted's

I call into Ted Martin's to gather up some flowers for a talk I shall be giving this weekend. The girls are on a mad hunt for a particular coloured rose that has been ordered for buttonholes for a wedding. Once these have safely been put aside the kettle is switched on and we settle down to talk about weekend plans and to discuss what a lovely time we had at the Potting Shed.
The flowers in the shop reflect that lovely in-between stage when the summer is slipping into autumn; there are dusty pinks and greens, along side splashes of orange and swirls of burgundy.
Sarah has just finished a bouquet for a delivery and I ask her to come to the door so I can take a photo. She will not let me take a proper photo of her as she says her hair is frizzy. I let her off this time ...but I warn her I will be back!
The shelves are filled with an array of vases, some of which have been filled with small 'bits' posies. These are my favourite sort of posy, made up from the bits that get left over in the shop. No posy is ever the same so you never get tired of the ever changing combinations. 
There are bright, acidic orchids in cream coloured planters - which starts to give me some ideas for my talk on Sunday (I am presenting to small book shop owners - and I thought it might be nice to think of some flowers that will sit happily amongst the books).
As I am just about to leave I spot a flier for a Crayfish Fair that is to be held next weekend in the village of Hindon to raise money for the church fund. Three local pubs will be serving crayfish tails and there are to be stalls selling crafts (and I hope drink.) I love the idea that someone has come up with such an imaginative fundraising idea - I am sure the Vicar of Dibley would approve!

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