Woman & Home Photoshoot

When I saw that Joanna Lumley was on the cover of the Woman & Home magazine that featured one of my flower workshops, I felt privileged to be in such good company. I have never met the woman, but as far as I am concerned she is a complete star.
My daughter Libby wrote to many celebrities to ask them about their view of the colour pink when she was researching her book, Love Pink. Joanna Lumley was one of the first to respond - with a sweet note of encouragement for Libby.
But I was not really surprised by this. A few years ago she freely gave her time to record the voice-over for a DVD Msaada produced of their work in Rwanda (Msaada is the charity I mentioned in my last blog). After this session (which funnily enough was full of the more mature male Msaada trustees!) she became a generous supporter of Msaada. Perhaps I should not really write about this, but when you come across such kindness you do want to tell people about it.
What I am certain I should not really write about (but I can't help myself because I was so star struck!) is that the photoshoot took place in the house of actor, Nathaniel Parker, of Inspector Lynley fame. As photographer, Indira, skillfully moved us this way and that, he wandered about in the background of his gorgeous kitchen chatting and laughing at us.
When I was not needed for a shot I found myself loitering casually by the sink, Oasis in hand, talking flowers with him (I do love a man who really enjoys sending flowers to his wife and daughters). It was a strange experience, in that his voice was so familiar, and yet I kept having to remind myself I was talking to a perfect stranger. But what a lovely stranger!

Indira not only captured the fun of the day but she was kind enough to forward me a shot of myself amongst the flowers. And what a good woman she is - I had just had an operation on my lip and so still had a horrible scar - which she has air brushed out!
Thank you Indira.
To see more of her photography visit http://www.indiraflack.com/


  1. Great story and great pictures. I met Nathaniel a few times myself, and in my opinion he is a very nice and generous man.



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