And they Smell Good too!

Roisin and Ellie decide they are in need of some extra help and advice as they finalise plans for their new flower delivery service. So Jennifer and I fill my Mini with buckets of flowers and head off to Twickenham to see if we can be of some assistance. The day is spent working on bouquet ideas, chatting through the business and sharing ideas over slices of cake.
The girls are going to be busy!
On the way back I spot a sign for Farnham and we decide to take a detour so I can introduce Jennifer to Emma and Hazel and show her their beautiful shop.
As I sip tea amongst the flowers on a sunny autumn afternoon, I decide that life is very good.


  1. Dear Sally, As usual lovely to read about the flowers and people you meet - keep up the good work. Love Jenny G

  2. These white roses is very beautiful!



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