The Flower Shop

As soon as I saw their van I knew I had to visit The Flower Shop in Bushey!
The Flower Shop is a double fronted building with large windows, and years ago it was used as a car show room selling Austin A40s. When current owners, Martin and Susie Roberts, took it over they had to remove the bays the cars were parked in, and during the renovation they discovered that underneath the flooring there was a beautiful parquet floor.
This is a wonderful flower shop, I am so glad I called by. There are banks of flowers in almost edible colours and around the shop are quirky bits and bobs that would make perfect gifts. I just wish my florist friend Jennifer was with me - she would love it so.
It turns out that The Flower Shop is a real family affair. Martin (who everyone seems to call Harry!) and Susie's son Sam once helped his parents out on a busy Valentine's Day when he was seventeen, and over ten years later he is still here.
Sam gets married in June and I have a feeling flowers is the one thing he and his bride will not have to worry about.
Susie tells me that what she loves about her shop is that it is a village flower shop, but that they are also so close to London. This means they could be making up a nice bunch of flowers for people locally or travelling up to London in their van to decorate Claridges for a wedding.
They have also been asked to provide flowers for stars' dressing rooms when they are performing in London. For one such order she was told that comedian Lee Evans - 'hates flowers' - so Susie decided on an arrangement of spiky thistles and anthuriums. It turns out he liked them so much he took them home with him.
I also get to take some flowers home with me. Over a cup of tea we chat about my books (Susie has promised to help me with my next one) and the family say they would like to have a copy of 'Flower Shops & Friends'. This is easy, we barter a book for some flowers and everyone is happy!


  1. What a lovely looking shop- id love the van!!

  2. I know this shop very well, having used it myself, and also they supplied the flowers for the wedding of a close friends daughter. I did the wedding cake as that is my trade and I love florsitry too as no two orders are ever the same. Joy. Jackie Rowe

  3. Yeah sally you're right! They do have a beautiful and worth visiting flower shop! All of their flowers looks really beautiful and fresh. Anyway, thanks for sharing this information =)



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