Yes, you can go to The Paint Ball!

First we had the exhibition. This was at First-View Gallery at Stourhead. So many people took an imaginative approach, including my daughter Libby who embroidered the poem ...had I the heaven's embroidered cloth...on to her canvas.
We also displayed and sold Rwandan art which is made by a women's cooperative.
And then there was a mad week preparing for The Paint Ball!
The paintings are hung, the tables are set and now we are nervously waiting for the first guests.
Each table has a different artist as its theme - obviously with the right flowers to match! And many of the individual tables of revelers chose their own picture theme to follow too.

As Oscar Wilde said' "One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art."

Martyn Jose makes a great Van Gogh - all except he is deaf in one ear and he has managed to bandage his good ear! But at least he has found himself a sunflower.
During the exhibition at Stourhead and at this Paint Ball we sell over 75 paintings and will raise more than £7500 for Msaada and their work in Rwanda. Now that is well worth celebrating.

They say every picture tells a story, and that is certainly what I find when I collect in the 109 paintings that form this exhibition. The vast majority of the painters are amateurs, many have never painted before, but all find something that they love enough to paint - even if this turns out to be a jar of Marmite! To have a look at some of the paintings visit www.first-view.co.uk
Now you don't see that in a picture everyday!
Pierce Brosnan?
All the young helpers join in the spirit of the evening; working for free, hiring costumes with their hard earned Saturday job wages - and then at the end of the evening giving all their tips to Msaada.
And people complain about 'young people these days'!
Decorating this wonderful barn (www.ryehillbarn.com) with my florist friend Jennifer was such fun; there were English spring flowers for the Constable table, roses for the Redoute table and lilies for the O'Keeffe table.
For the Van Gogh table a bowl full of sunflowers.
And for the Picasso table? Lego flowers of course!

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  1. I love the Lego in the last picture. Using Lego as decoration is adorable.



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