Help with my New Book

I would really appreciate a bit of help from flower loving bloggers, so please spread the word!

I am working on the final pages of my new book and need just a few more messages. The book, which is due out at the end of August, is packed with masses of flowery photographs and the messages that people send with flowers. From the wonderfully romantic, to the friendly and funny, and at times, very sad - it really shows that you can say it all with flowers!

If you have ever sent or received a great message I would love to hear about it.

The book will be hardback, 128 pages, priced £9.99

And I absolutely love it!

(not very modest I know)


  1. a friend of mine once got the most beautiful bouquet with these words:
    The love express leaves at 9am on 14th February-
    be under it!
    You're dumped x

  2. Flippin 'eck that's a bit harsh

  3. I know- lovely flowers though... and she wasn't all that bothered to be honest.

    PS It wasn't me in case that was what you were thinking

  4. Hello I've just blogged this on my blog, just in case any of my readers can help.

  5. Thank you so much

  6. In the right top corner of my blog right under the picture of my kitties in an old pink rocker are the lines of a poem that accompanied a Valentine bouquet from the 1800's that I discovered in an antique autograph book I bought years ago at an auction.
    Being an antique and vintage textile appraiser I found the lines very moving and often daydream of the lovers whose words were exchanged between them...



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