The Flower Shop to have a Baby in

If you are going to go into labour in a flower shop (there are worse places - my friend went into labour at the fish counter in Sainsburys) then this is the shop to be in.
Before opening their shop in Leicester, Michelle was a midwife and Natasha an anaesthetist. They met when they attended the same floristry workshop - and of course, soon discovered that they had lots in common.
Since then they have thrown themselves into the world of flowers, but admit that their background does help them to keep calm in a crisis.
As Michelle says, "You know it is not really the end of the world if there is a slight problem getting a particular flower." I imagine their soothing approach helps keep their brides (and brides' mothers!) calm too.
I am here to take some final shots for my new book (nearly finished). The sun is shining, the coffee is on - and as they know me well from my books - the cake is ready and waiting.
I love my life.
Stuart is a fairly new recruit to the shop and the girls are clearly keen to look after him, and insist he has the biggest piece of cake ...well it is more like a door stop.
Stuart and I are not the only ones who like cake, the girls tell me they have their eyes on a vacant shop up the road and are tempted to open up a coffee and cake shop which they could also fill with flowers. Now there's a good place to have a baby.
I do love it so when I spot one of my books amongst the flowers. I still can't get over the sensation of seeing my books being sold in shops - and am prone to go up and stroke them!
As I am photographing and chatting, customers come and go; buying flowers for friends, plants for a new home, and bunches of spring flowers as a personal treat. Some stop for a longer chat and there is offer of tea and a convenient chair to rest in whilst problems are unravelled.
I am very much looking forward to coming back to hear news of that coffee shop.


  1. oh that is a GREAT place love it.. how lucky they are!!

  2. Aren't they just - and they are such lovely ladies!

  3. Flowers, tea and cake... what more could anyone want.



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