Spring with The Spriggs

The last time I photographed the Spriggs' family flower shop in Petworth, was for my Flower Shops & Friend's book, as they feature as the December flower shop (such a good name for florists I've always thought ..Mr Spriggs the Florist ...Mrs Spriggs the Florist ...Master Spriggs ...).
I thought those of you who got to know them in this book might like to hear how they are getting on.
I sit in the surprisingly warm spring sunshine in the courtyard opposite the shop, very happily consuming several cups of coffee and catching up. All is well. The shop looks as good as ever. Now a mix of late spring and early summer flowers and plants. I do think there is something missing though and kick myself for not asking Miss Spriggs to stand in the doorway!
It is clear Master Spriggs and Miss Spriggs have been very busy. Matthew has been asked to design the flower displays for several parties and corporate events (but still finds time to give the hanging baskets outside the shop a terracotta twist). Whilst Samantha has taken a leaf from my book (literally!) and has created a book of their wedding flowers so she can give brides a better idea of what the Spriggs' family can do to help them.
When I was here in the winter I could not resist exploring and photographing Matthew's walled garden which stretches out behind the shop.
The garden is now looking very smart for the spring, with new paving, and the borders packed with helibores, tulips and forget me nots.
Matthew dips into the garden when he needs unusual foliage or herbs, and recently, was also very pleased he had planted such smokey coloured helibores. Hydrangeas were in short supply for a wedding due to the flight ban and these made a perfect substitute tucked in amongst some dusky pink roses.


  1. Sally, as ever, beautiful pictures and thank you for coming to see us last week. Good luck with the Award - we have voted! so has Clara and Petal.

  2. And thank you too. It was lovely to see you and I shall keep you posted about how the book goes. Lots of love



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