I do Believe in Father Christmas

It was on Christmas Eve that Nicki Barley first got the keys to her new shop. On many fronts it had been a tough year for Nicki, but with the keys in her hand, the coming year was looking better already.
When I arrive in Henley to see the new premises for The White Gdn, I spot Nicki in the window of the shop. It is only a few doors down from her old shop, which features as June's flower shop in 'Flower Shops & Friends'.
As with her previous shop the front is dotted with unusual pots and ready-to-go flowery gifts.
But inside there is SO much more space. Space for flowers and gifts and lanterns and cards and chocolates and paper ... and there is even room for a sofa. Nicki has discovered this is a great asset to a flower shop - the men don't mind waiting, the flower loving ladies browse for longer and little children (who can find it irresistible to pull petals off flowers) fight to sit on it.
I have a feeling Father Christmas helped put the shop keys in Nicki's Christmas stocking, but it seems he drew the line at helping decorate.
That fell to Nicki, and she tells me there was masses to do before she could move in.
This included a new floor, new paintwork, covering the counters in distressed wood, adding some great floral wallpaper and even exposing a brick wall as a reminder of the look of her previous shop.
Now the hard work of decorating is done, it is just down to the hard work of running the shop. And there is always something to do - but Nicki still loves it.
Henley Regatta is just finished - a time for extravagant buttonholes and celebration bouquets.
But now it is the end of term, so it is time to fill the shop with well-priced gifts for teachers
(Lucky teachers!)
One last look around the shop, a stroll down to the river, and then home.
With lots of promises to come back soon.


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