The Queen of Vintage

If you love all things vintage then Niki Fretwell's gorgeous shop, Nostalgia, in Shepton Mallet near Bath is a complete must. This is where I was heading on my day out with florist friends Jennifer and Sarah and my daughter Libby.
Niki and I first corresponded as she wanted some help with a book she was writing. Later Niki went on to give my daughter Libby some help by adding a vintage twist to her book Love Pink.
When Niki isn't running the shop, sourcing everything vintage and sewing like mad to make pieces for the shop (including these endearing and quirky rag dolls), she is adding to her own blog.
We are like four over grown children in a sweet shop.
The fabrics ... the china ... the jewelery ... the clothes ... the books ... the glassware...
... We even like the buttons.
And then we find the hats!
Sarah heads for her favourite moss green colour - with a floral twist, of course.
For Libby it has to be pink.
Jennifer eventually decides against the Miss Marple look.
And I just want to be Eliza Dolittle!
As the rain pours down outside we are all very happy to be caught in this Aladdin's cave.
It is a real pleasure to actually meet Niki after all this time and I am so pleased Libby is on our day out too, so she can thank Niki for her help.
Libby is especially pleased as she leaves carrying a 50s style dress in a beautiful kingfisher-blue that is the perfect fit.
Libby would not look too out of place in the square outside. The BBC are filming a series in Shepton Mallet and are transforming the square each week into a different era. This week it is a replica of 1930's Britain.
For more photos showing the filming visits Niki's blog


  1. Hello Sally,
    It was a joy to meet you and the girls last week...I want to thank you again for taking the time to come and visit my little emporium. Sorry that the weather wasn't quite behaving itself, but at least it didn't deter you all from trying on the summery vintage hats that I had in stock!
    Thank you so very much for taking such beautiful photographs and for the kind post that you've written...I shall remember the day fondly!
    Wishing every success to you with your next book and also to Libby as she embarks on her uni adventure!
    My warmest wishes,
    Niki x

  2. Hi Sally

    What a great time you all had with Niki. She and I spend a jolly day off together today after months of hectic busy-ness.

    I'm so pleased you and she have met at last.

    All continues well at Dairy House - hope you'll be able to visit again before to long.

    All good wishes.

    Sue x

  3. I love your's and Niki's blogs. It is such a treat to see the beautiful shops all over Britain and I hope there will be someway for us in the US to see the BBC show being filmed in Shepton Mallet. Thanks for all the beautiful photos! Debra

  4. Nice blogs always makes their place in the hearts of people. I like your blogs very much. The pictures in your blog are so nice that it has captured my heart.



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