Snow Sad

It's the day of the launch of Rustic Rose. I call in first thing with some of my framed photos that Kate would like to sell and some extra vases and containers as she needs a few more for her flower order. Her best friend Holly is in helping, as is Jennifer who has been staying down in Sturminster since the snow started.
There are arrangements ready to be priced, parcels to unpack, surfaces to polish and floors to sweep. The doors are to open at 4pm with a launch for local people.
Kate's family will all be in attendance - including her Dad who found fame a year or so ago when he decided to train as a jockey having turned 40. He made his debut (and he decided, his final race) at Wincanton Races. None of his friends thought he stood a chance so were busy drinking in the bar. But as he rode past on his way to the winning line you can see him waving wildly to them and a great roar goes up from the bar. His televised victory was soon shown around the world and Kate's Dad found himself being interviewed by CBS News!
I am planning to return to the shop at around 6pm when I have finished my other work. But fate, or rather snow, takes a hand. As I am driving down the Dorset roads to Kate's shop later that day I can feel it is getting icier and icier. In the end I pull over to turn the car around and give Kate a call. In the background I can hear the sound of laughter and the clink of drinks.


  1. "Not a broom or duster" in sight just "buckets and buckets" of beautiful flowers, such a lovely sight on this snowy morning. Love the idea of the Hansel, Lucey xx

  2. I'm in love with these amazing flowers! I want one!



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