Snow was Falling, Snow on Snow

To my mind, there are few more welcoming sights than a candlelit flower shop on a cold crisp winter's night.
I am back at Knighton Flowers in Leicester for a book signing. And my journey up here has been past frozen fields and white, shrouded hedges.
The shop is scented with a spicy mix of blooms, fragrant candles and mulled wine.
There are canapes from the local restaurant - and on my 'signing' table a huge plate of chocolates.
I met Natasha, Michelle and their assistant Stuart when they helped me with photographs for my most recent book. Many of the shots we took on that day found their way into the pages, and I was very grateful for their enthusiasm and skill with the styling.
And of course, the cake they had fed me during my visit!
Pretty in Pink
With snow still fairly thick on the ground, a flower shop can be a cold place to be. So Natasha is taking no chances.
Knighton Flowers is a festive mix of deep reds and bronze with juicy, citrusy highlights.
Even the bath bombs look good enough to eat.
We chat about some of the new flower varieties the girls have fallen in love with - one I particularly like the sound of is a rose the colour of old linen, called Quick Sand.
I also fall in love with some vintage bouquets a local friend has made out of old broaches, beads and buttons. Perfect for a sparkling wintry wedding.
Later as we leave to go to Michelle's house for supper, the snow starts to fall. In the distance I can see some customers wandering up the road clutching the flowers, books and lanterns they have bought.


  1. Oh those vintage button and brooch bouquets are absolutely exquisite!
    You paint a picture full of the sensual sights and scents of being surrounded by beautiful flowers, and the snow falling makes it cosy and romantic too........

  2. Oh! I love those beautiful flowers so colorful. I also try to collect flowers and put it in a cute vase. I enjoyed reading your article. It makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing.




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