The Academy

I am walking past the end of St Martin's Courtyard in Covent Garden, when I catch a glimpse of sunshine yellow and a splash of scarlet.
Time for a quick detour.
It turns out this elegant and pretty flower shop is also a flower school - I guess the name is a bit of a give-away!
It is run by a team who used to teach floral design at the London University of Arts. I imagine the thought of cuts and a desire to go it on their own spurred them on to start their own flower school.
Looking on their website there are a huge array of courses. The focus is on floral design rather than floristry and inevitably you will find they charge London prices (Day course 10am -4pm £190) However I imagine the tuition is going to be of a very high standard and it looks like you will get to play with some wonderful flowers.
If you are watching the pennies you might want to try an evening course, starting at 6pm, some of which I saw for £95.00.
Even if you are not inclined to attend the school I think the shop is well worth a browse. Apart from the flowers there are all sorts of gifts including a range of scented candles, with names and fragrances inspired by the ballets of nearby Covent Garden.


  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures with us, again ....:)

  2. What an exquisite shop. I would have fallen for it, should I ever come by.
    Your photos are truly very inspiring, thanks for posting.



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