Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

All I can say is that Kate's staff must really love her - I don't think there are many people they would dress up as Umpa Lumpas for!
The competition is on. It is Carnival week in Sturminster Newton.
In recent years traders have become despondent as the same two shops have tended to win the shop window competition year after year.
This year Kate at Rustic Rose has other ideas - so she has gone to town and is fighting back.
Kate and her staff have turned her flower shop into The Chocolate Factory complete with huge swirly lollipops and multicoloured roses.
They are running a competition to find a golden ticket and have got local school children to take part in an art competition.
Children can win prizes of sweets or brightly coloured watering cans planted with cheery kalanchoe.
Well they certainly get my vote!


  1. This is brilliant. I think it is such a shame as it is always the way that the same shops win these competitions year in year out. Good for Kate for fighting back, let's hope she wins xxx

  2. Good luck to Kate, she has done a great job.

  3. Wow its amazing!! She defiantly deserves to win! Just cant believe how amazing the shop looks! Its so effective. Im a floristry student and ive just never seen anything like it, i really love it! Good luck! xx :D Made my day seeing this!

  4. Ingenious!!!
    It's magical and children must love going into her shop.
    The art competition is a winner.
    I really hope Kate wins!

    I love your blog Sally and I'm going to have a good read on this cold Sunday morning!!
    Do come and see me sometime, I'll get my prettiest teacups out and make you very welcome!!

    Shane in New Zealand :))

  5. What a fab idea! If Kate didn't win then the competition is fixed because the shop and window looked amazing!!! x

  6. Simply stunning! I've never really tried to make tags before. Yours are absolutely amazing!

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