Reveling in Red

With Valentine's Day tomorrow, there will be plenty of red roses on display in shops and offices. I think there is nothing nicer than finding that bouquet arriving at reception is for you.
There are many fabulous ways to enjoy red roses,
but if roses are not your thing there are still plenty of opportunities to revel in romantic red.
There are scarlet tulips ...
and sunny gerbera.
How good would this look with a big red bow?!
And there is always a red coat to enjoy.
February 14th is particularly memorable for me as it was 22 years ago (having been on my feet for 14 hours in my flower shop) that I gave birth, a couple of weeks early, to my eldest daughter Alex. So happy birthday Alex! (and come home soon! ....still in Australia...)


  1. I love the roses within the cinnamon sticks! At the grand old age of (nearly) 44 I received a dozen gorgeous crimson roses for the very first time today!
    I am still floating on my rose scented cloud ;-)

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  3. I love the roses within the cinnamon sticks

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