Happy in Harrods

I have a soft spot for Harrods. On leaving university my best friend joined their training scheme and I have many happy memories of meeting her in Knightsbridge after work. Those were the days when spending money on a cocktail and a lipstick seemed so much better than wasting our wages on food!
Today I am meeting my daughter Libby for lunch and as we are both early we find ourselves wandering around the ground floor in search of each other. I loiter by the flowers in the food hall, but they are sadly disappointing - so it is with a much happier heart that I spy Harrod's floral windows.
These flowers may not be real but they cheer me up and make me think Spring is on the way.
Having met up with Libby we discover the 'Only Roses' flower stall on the way to the restaurant.
Well ...Only Roses and orchids!
I can't decide between the citrus shades...
or pastel pinks ...
Now I would like to see a bicycle basket filled with these.


  1. Beautiful. I love looking at shop windows and nothing is prettier than a flower display in a window :) x x x x

  2. How beautiful flowers.It is great post.



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