Picking Flowers

What better place to meet a friend to help her choose her wedding flowers than Pythouse Walled Garden on a sunny Sunday lunch time?
It is such a good idea - everybody comes!
Rowena and Richard are getting married in June so they have SO many different flowers to choose from,
and it just so happens I have the books to help them!
Chat about flowers followed by lunch and wine in the sunshine with friends - it takes a lot of beating.
Since I last blogged about Pythouse they have had a bit of a shift around and make-over (bit like me and my office).
The shop has been changed around to give much more feeling of space and light
and inside the Potting Shed Cafe a new mural graces the walls, reminding those sipping coffee and eating cake on rainy days of what waits outside when the clouds clear.


  1. Oh that muriel is beautiful. What a lovely space. It sounds like you had a great day x x x x



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