Paint Pots & Petals

As I mentioned in my last blog, I have been fortunate enough to spend some time with the nice people at Farrow & Ball. Together with their colour consultant, Joa Studholme, we went along to their Bath showroom to talk about how to make the most of the colours in your home; literally, Paint Pots & Petals. One of the colours in the Farrow & Ball palette is called Joa's White and I think how good it must be to have a colour named after you. Of course, my dream would be to have a Sally Page rose in my garden, hopefully one that is fragrant and pretty (but very probably rambling!).

Arranging a posy in a paint pot it was fun to show how the colours of both the flowers and paint change with light. As Farrow & Ball paint is packed with pigment rather than plastic the colours have great depth, so this background of Cinder Rose has a completely different look depending on the light conditions.

Joa spoke of how she gets inspiration from her clients' clothes, accessories and even cars when she is creating new interiors, whilst I am inundated with the stimulating colours and textures you find in a flower shop. At the end of the talk one lady came up to me and said how much she liked my photo of a hydrangea. She explained that she found it difficult to coordinate colours but she felt that she would be able to take some tips from the colours that are combined so beautifully in nature.

There were many points where I feel Joa and my worlds meet. She has a passion for using strong colour in small spaces (rather than painting them in pale, and potentially boring shades). I love to bring vibrant tones to to these spaces (rather than simply opting for creams and whites).
One of the flower shops I mention in my talk is a beautiful place called Wild Paeony in Shaftesbury (they use the old english spelling of the flower in their name). It is a relatively new shop and when owners, Vicky and Anna, decided to open it they painted it in colours such as Slipper Satin, Verre de Terre and (very appropriately) Lichen to set off the flowers and foliage.
I call in to the shop to see them and to tell them how the talk has gone. Anna is busy arranging the shop and preparing a bouquet for a customer who is bringing in her friend, who is Tricia Guild's assistant, to meet them. A bouquet has been ordered for her by her friend and is to include the heavenly scented, tuber rose.
As we are chatting, customer, Bronwyn, pops her head around the door to ask how we are. I insist she come in and stand by the lilies and peonies as her cerise t-shirt and white jacket are a perfect match!
After catching up on flower shop news, I wander further down the high street to see photographer, Bella West's, new portrait studio which she has just opened to the public. It is a wonderful airy space, again painted in Farrow & Ball colours (I promise you, they are not paying me for this!). On the counter set against fabulous Pelt painted woodwork is a good luck bunch sent to Bella from the girls at Wild Paeony. The photos on the walls are amazing and if you have a few minutes to spare take a sneak look yourself on her website http://www.bellawest.co.uk/

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