The Walled Garden

Just outside of the village of Tisbury, tucked away on a steep lane that winds between banks of wild garlic, is Pythouse Walled Garden. A few years ago this 18th century garden was a sad and neglected place but it has now been restored to a working organic kitchen garden, complete with a potting shed cafe.
Fragrant, pale-pink roses weave their way around the frame of the old Victorian greenhouse.
We call into the garden for lunch on our way to visit the nearby pick-your-own flower farm at Hatch. Sitting at a table in the shade of the orchard I watch a sprinkler lazily swishing to and fro over the rows of plants.
To our right is a bank of delphinium and campanula that line the edge of the vegetable plot.

Rows of onions are laid out to dry in the sun. These will soon find there way into the garden shop which sells the wide range of produce that is grown here. Later, as I am choosing some onions in the shop, the chef pops out from the kitchen and helps himself to some extras he needs for lunch.
The waitress who serves us our lunch under the trees, tells us that she cannot believe she has such a beautiful place to work. She also mentions that the potting shed cafe, which is a small brick building adjacent to the wall of the garden, can be hired for parties. Over lunch I day-dream of an evening party in the potting shed and orchard; tables filled with jugs of delphiniums and trees hung with lanterns .....
In my mind's eye I can see guests wandering, wine glass in hand, through the lines of soft fruit bushes as the sun goes down over the garden. www.pythouse-farm.co.uk


  1. Hi Sally

    I've begun following your blog since being directed to you by Niki (Nostalgia). It was a treat to read this post about the Walled Garden. A friend makes their cakes and I direct all my customers there. Sadly I don't get the chance to visit myself. You must pass close by Dairy House on your travels between there and Shaftesbury. Do pop in and say hello if you have a few minutes to spare sometime.


  2. This pink flower is very beautiful, what is the name?



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