Painting in the New Year

Rather than adding snowy scenes to my blog I thought I would bring you a bit of sunshine, a blue sea, and of course, some flowers - to say a belated Happy New Year.
I have been busy organising a fundraiser for Msaada and unlike my normal experience of fundraising, this has been a complete joy to do. A really heart warming experience.
I gave out 100 12" square chunky canvasses and paints - mainly to complete amateurs and everyone had to complete a picture by January. Well the response has been amazing!
Most people used acrylics, but some made collages, used oil paints, car spray paint (!), one lady even knitted hers! Here are just a few to give you a tastier of the amazing quality that is coming in. All will be exhibited at First-View, The Gallery at Stourhead from 19th - 21st Feb.
Most will be on sale there and some will be auctioned at a dance - The Paint Ball - which will take place the following week.

One mother and daughter who have taken a canvas each tell me that they wanted to reflect how Rwandan women help each other so have asked their close girlfriends and female relatives to come around and, wearing bright lipsticks, to kiss their canvasses and to sign a message.
How good is that? It made me want to cry.
So, if you are in the area in February, do come to the National Trust at Stourhead and see the pictures - and you can always put in a bid for these gorgeous paintings I have shown above.
1. Morning Sun by Hazel Heritage
2. Praa Sands by Bea Coward
3. A Passion for Flowers by Jane Wood
4. Oriental Lilies by Fiona Browse


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  2. Hi, I liked the blog.The painting are very expressive.I think they are silently talking about the grandeurs of Nature.



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