A Rainy Day in the Flower Shop

On a dreary, rainy day there is no nicer place to be, in my opinion, than inside a busy flower shop. So for me this is a very good day; it may be slate grey outside but I am in Ted Martin Flowers tucked in a corner with my camera and lights to photograph some shots for my new book. Jennifer and Claire are in working so there is also a constant supply of coffee and conversation. Bliss!
As I am working I tuck away some hyacinths and anemones for later. We are going to supper with friends; Deena and Alan and I think they will make a good gift. We are meeting up with them a bit later than normal to give Alan and our friend Tim time to get back from running a marathon - all part of their training for when they run 6 marathons across the Sahara Desert in 6 days! You have to admire that sort of madness! Especially as they are raising money for Msaada and Cancer Research (Deena lost both parents to cancer within a year of each other). 
(If you would like to support them go on to the Just Giving site and search for Tim Wood or Alan Geal)
After a great day in the shop I head home with a bag full of flower heads (I was photographing something where they needed to be cut short). I definitely do not want to throw the flowers away so I take out a shallow dish, make a lattice out of selotape across the top and slot the short stems in the gaps. It is now happily brightening up my kitchen table.


  1. I cannot think of a nice place to be on a rainy day or any day for that matter :-)


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