Will you stand still for one second!

I am in Ted Martin's collecting flowers for a workshop I am running in Worcestershire tomorrow. The girls have been in since 6.30am as they have a large event to organise. Even so they have put all my order neatly aside for me - for which I think they definitely deserve croissants and cups of tea. 
Trying to get them to stop still for a photo however is another days work!
(From left to right; Jennifer, Julie, Clare and Sarah) 
The event they are preparing for is all based around white and green, and as I look at the banks of lilies, roses and amaryllis in the shop, I think it is a combination that is hard to beat.
Add in fat bundles of white tulips and I am sold!

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  1. What wonderful photos, hope that the flowers all turned out well.
    Warm Wishes,



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