First Stop The Garden, Next Stop London

Well, actually the first stop is really Ted Martin Flowers ... look at those tulips, don't you just want to pour them out and drink them in ... but I am getting side-tracked. I am in Ted's photographing some flowers that are going up to Pythouse Walled Garden for a wedding celebration. I have just started a new blog all about the garden.
I have always thought it was rather odd that The Country Living Fair is held in down town Islington. It is what Mr French, my old English teacher, would have called an Oxymoron, Which when I come to think of it is rather like the pot calling the kettle black.
Anyway, whatever it is, owner, Anna is very excited.
Her only sadness is that her business partner Vicky won't be joining her there. She is in hospital recovering from an operation - so if you are reading this Vicky; Get Well Soon!
I tell Anna about my new blog; A Year in the Life of Pythouse Walled Garden - and like me she loves it there. In fact she is having one of her 40th birthday celebrations in the garden (I do like a woman who knows how to party).
I ask her what flowers she thinks she will have on the tables and she looks at me blankly. I am afraid it is a case of the cobbler's children going without shoes - she had forgotten about the flowers!
I leave her as she starts to scheme and plan how to decorate her birthday supper table.
If you would like to see the wonderful flowers from Wild Paeony - and by the way, that is how they spell their name, it is the old English spelling of peony - you will find them at The Country Living Fair, in London 23rd - 27th March.


  1. ... "Mr French the English teacher" is a bit of an oxymoron in himself, did he ever realise it I wonder?!! ;-)

    Loving the spring flowers on your site and looking forward to my Easter break near Tisbury soon!

  2. You really had a lovely and beautiful spring flowers.

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  4. The post is giving information about first stop at Garden and the next stop is London

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